There's the boat beside the Thruway near Syracuse and the monolith suddenly appearing and then disappearing in the Utah desert. There's also a New York farmer with his own mystery, a fully intact safe with a note attached just appeared on his property.

In a story first reported by WHAM-TV some time ago, Kirk Mathes arose one morning to find the safe on his rural property in the Town of Barre, near Buffalo. The hand written note was taped to the safe and reads, "If you can open this, you can have what's in side". As word of the story spread, people began showing up.

Mathes says the safe was attacked with sledgehammers as people tried to open it by breaking off the hinges and dial. So many people gathered, sheriff's deputies had to ask them to leave. Now, the real mystery, he has no plans to ever open it.

Mathes believes it's more than likely just a prank, perhaps perpetuated by some local kids. He has hidden the safe and thinks opening would only ruin the mystery. You can read more on the story at WHAM's website.

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