Help is pouring in from around the country to save a farm that's been in the family 125 years. But more helped is needed.

The Headline Farm, just south of Waterville has been in the Head family for 125 years. November 5th it's going on the auction block but Nicole Head is doing everything she can to save her home. "It breaks my heart to see all of my father and grandfathers hard work and dedication having to be taken away from them," said Nicole.

Personal and health issues have forced the Head family to put the 250 acres of farmland up for auction. But if the family raises enough money, they can save the place they've called home for generations. "This is more than just a farm. This is our home. We are surrounded by this land everywhere we look."

Nicole Head created videos on Tik Tok, showing her farmland, asking for help. Close to $40,000 in donations has poured in, most from strangers.

"I do not know these people at all," Ronda wrote on the GoFundMe. "It's wonderful to see the amount of support that is being given to this cause. God Bless the Head family. May you reach your goal and save your family heritage."

Another stranger donated to pass it forward after getting help not so long ago.

The family needs $250,000 to save the farm, but Nicole says the more money they raise, the better the chance they have of getting a loan to cover the rest. "I’m not ready to stop fighting for this and I know I have so many amazing people supporting us and rooting for us."

A GoFundMe has been set up along with Venmo (Nicole-Head-9), cash app ($NicoleHead) and PayPal (

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