If you search for 'The City that God Forgot' on Google - one city comes up at the top of the results - and it's right here in Central New York.

Open your browser and go to Google. Now, type "the City that God Forgot" in the search window. Your number one result: Utica. In fact, it's not just listed as a 'result' - it's listed nearly as fact, with a giant info box right at the top of the page.

I mean, seriously, Google. There's no question that Utica has fallen on some tough times - but there have GOT to be towns in worse shape than Utica across the United States. And if God forgot us, explain all this GOOD FOOD!

So where can we track this search result to? Whatever the real history is, on the internet it appears as though a 2008 article from the Observer-Dispatch (written by a guy not even FROM the area) has been quoted and re-quoted - it's even listed as a source in the Wikipedia entry for Utica.

"The City That God Forgot" is also listed as the number one Urban Dictionary definition for the town, too. Annnndd if you happen to get a crossword clue that says "City That God Forgot" - well, it's got five letters and starts with a 'U'.

Those of us that live here know that God didn't forget us - and we also know that Utica is working its way back - driven by motivated folks, like the people at Handshake City, the Uptown Center for Performing Arts, and pretty much everyone on Genesee Street and Bagg's Square. Heck, Utica was even named the best place for millennials to buy a house!

Maybe it's time to try an change these search results - and the mindset.



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