Skaneateles Police in the Syracuse area are searching for a vandal/vandals who destroyed several American flags on veterans' memorials at Lake View Cemetery.

Lake View Cemetery employee Matthew Leveroni tells CNYCentral that he and a coworker were driving through the grounds when they found the flags snapped in half, on graves:

"Eventually we came to the conclusion that this could not be an animal," Leveroni said. "This had to be somebody deliberately doing this."

Leveroni shared pictures of the broken flags on social media and now officers have started patrolling the cemetery daily.

"I'm hoping they're brought to justice, that's for sure," Leveroni said. "I mean, again, it's about respect. And the disrespect that was shown to these people is unprecedented, and it's uncalled for."

If you have any information on the vandals, please call the Skaneateless Police at (315) 685-3819.

Leveroni reports on his Facebook page some of the flags were able to replaced with some of ones the cemetery currently had on hand. Most of the graves with the broken flags were veterans from WW1, and WW2. Many of joined the comments section of the original post volunteering to buy replacements.

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Lake View Cemetery is located on West Genesee Street on the western edge of the Village of Skaneateles. It was started as a municipal cemetery in 1871, however part of the land had been a private burial ground since 1812. Within the cemetery are the Soldiers and Sailors monument designed by artist John D. Barrow and dedicated in 1893 and Burrows Chapel.

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