This is no joke. A distracted driver was swatting at a bee when he crashed his truck and sustained serious injuries.

According to Sheriff Robert Maciol, a Brookfield man was seriously injured in a one-vehicle accident in the Town of Bridgewater because he was trying to get a bee out of his vehicle.

On May 21, 2021, Deputy Brian Warcup of the Oneida County Sheriff's Office was called to the scene of a crash that happened at approximately 2:48 PM in Bridgewater. The driver, Duane Dye, 39, of Brookfield, suffered chest and leg injuries when his 1999 GMC pickup left the road and struck a tree.

Dye was traveling on Bliven Rd when a bee entered the cab of his truck. Dye was distracted from driving while attempting to swat the bee. His vehicle drifted across the oncoming lane and left the roadway where he struck a tree head-on.

Dye sustained lower leg and torso injuries from the impact. Dye had to be freed from the truck by Bridgewater Fire Dept who used the Jaws of Life to cut him out. Dye was transported by West Windfield Ambulance to St. Elizabeth's Hospital for treatment. Dye was wearing his seatbelt and it is attributed to limiting his injuries. The investigation is continuing. [Oneida County Sheriff's Office]

This is not the first time a bug has caused an accident. Last July, 19-year-old Neysia McCarthy claims a spider fell on her; she panicked and couldn't stop her car. As a result, her vehicle was out of control as it sped through a parking lot, over a curb, then a dock, and ultimately ended up wedged between two boats at the LaSalle Yacht Club in Niagara Falls. The teen was charged with reckless driving and failure to reduce speed.

Photo by Edward Draper
Photo by Edward DraperAnother acc

In April of 2019, another crash occurred in Cairo, and the driver did sustain a leg injury. New York Police believe the woman panicked after seeing the spider and then crashed into a tree. See the full story here.

Photo Credit - Town of Cairo New York Police Department

Photo Credit - Town of Cairo New York Police Department

The Cairo police issued the following statement:

"We know it is easier for some drivers than others but PLEASE, try to teach new drivers and yourselves to overcome the fear and pull over to a safe place. Lives depend on it."

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