A central New York filmmaker is following his dreams, finding his way in L.A. The path has led to celebrity photos shoots, short films and TV shows.

Jacob Swanson, a Mt Markham graduate, has called California home since 2006. "I packed up the car with some friends, and drove from Bridgewater, New York across the country to try L.A. on for size."

The size seems to fit. Jacob's work was recently featured in Bazaar magazine with actress Inbal Amirav on the cover.

Photo Credit - Jacob Swanson
Photo Credit - Jacob Swanson

In 2016 Jacob was invited to shoot the video for Jennifer Lopez and People Magazine's 20th Anniversary.

Jacob's photos, that he calls his hobby, have been featured in Macy's, Kohl's and New York Wedding Magazine. His focus though is on Cinematography and he's worked with a number of celebrities including Disney star Ashley Tisdale, Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars, Carmen Electra, Rob Riggle and with Adam Shankamn on a short film called Dragula. "It was an idea I created and he loved it," said Jacob. "I wrote it with his husband Frank and we filmed it all together."

Jacob recently directed a short film called 'Undateable Brit' for the LA Shorts International Film Festival.

Jacob is using his gift to carve his own path while still remaining humble. "I'm just another film maker in LA trying to find my way. In comparison, I'm nobody, just a guy out here trying to see what I can accomplish."

See more of Jacob's accomplishments at Jakesswansondp.com or on Instagram.

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