With Halloween just a few weeks away, you may be scrambling for a last-minute costume. If you want to dress as something unique and out-of-the-box, we have a list of the costumes you'll want to avoid, as they're the most popular in cities across New York.

Google just released its 2020 Frightgeist Costume Map, which tracks the most popular costumes in major cities all over the United States. While you'd think Carole Baskin, Dr. Fauci and bottles of hand sanitizer might top costume lists in 2020, the results are pretty shocking.

Here in Central New York, Mother Nature came in as Utica's top costume. Syracuse residents leaned into the Fortnite costumes, while people in Watertown were all about Disney's Descendants, and those in Rochester and Buffalo went a more classic route with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, respectively.

Google also included Albany, Elmira, Binghamton, and New York City on the map, and it's super fascinating to see what costumes are most popular in different regions across the country.

Halloween may look a little different this year to accommodate for current social distancing standards, with potentially less or altered versions of trick-or-treating in different neighborhoods. However, that doesn't mean you can't dress up in your living room, throw on some spooky movies and eat a giant bowl of fun-size candy bars!

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Ten Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect For 2020

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