Two fugitives from Justice out of the State of New Mexico were arrested by Oneida County Deputies over the weekend.

According to officials, a deputy conducted a traffic stop Saturday evening at around 8 p.m. on West Main Street in Westmoreland.

The Deputy discovered after an investigation that the operator of the vehicle, 41-year-old Thad Paulson, and his passenger, 29-year Morgan Jacobs, were both wanted on charges out of New Mexico.

Sheriff Maciol says the two were wanted on charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon and others. The two were transported to the Oneida County Correctional Facility where they’re awaiting extradition at a later date.

So, what was the alleged crime the two individuals were wanted on? According to The Santa Fe New Mexican, Paulson and Jacobs are accused of assaulting a man who had agreed to let them live with him. According to the New Mexican article the victim, Graham Chouteau-Lathrop, took them in due to the fact they were homeless. The article states court records indicate the home owner began having issues with the two individuals coming and going at all hours and not keeping their areas clean.

Court records show that when Chouteau-Lathrop confronted the two about it, he was allegedly charged him with a pole and struck him with his fists. Paulson allegedly told Jacobs to use a taser on Chouteau-Lathrop, but it failed. The article states, Paulson left the room briefly and told Jacobs to tie Chouteau-Lathrop up, but he grabbed his rifle from under the couch and fired warning shots at the ceiling. Then, the individuals engaged in a struggle and it is believed Paulson was struck by gunfire in the buttocks. Court records indicate eventually Paulson got ahold of the weapon and attempted to fire it at Chouteau-Lathrop, but the gun did not fire.

To read the full account of the incident in question you can read the article announcing their arrest warrants at

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