With few exceptions, it is now law in New York State that personnel records of cops and other members of law enforcement be made available to the public.

A bill signed by Governor Cuomo last week that repeals section 50-A of the New York Civil Rights Law, which had prevented public disclosre of such documents.

In the city of Utica, Mayor Robert Palmieri is taking it a step further and says the personnel records of all members of the Utica Police Department will not only be available to the public, but will be posted online on at CityofUtica.com.

A release from Palmieri's office says he decision comes after discussions with Utica Police Chief Mark Williams and Deputy Chief Ed Noonan, along with the city's PBA and the corporation counsel.

Chief Williams and Deputy Chief Noonan will be the first two members of the UPD to have their personnel records disclosed - both will have their records posted on the city's website by next Monday (July 22). From their, the site will be updated weekly, the release said.

Palmieri also noted that cannot be legally disclosed will not be posted on the site.



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