It's not too often that the Utica Fire Department battles water instead of fire, but that was the case in East Utica.

The Utica Fire Department announced that a crew was helping to pump water out of a flooded basement in East Utica on Friday. During the course of the pumping of the water, firefighters made a surprising discovery.

While history has shown fire fighters typically save kittens who are trapped in trees, a Utica Fire crew made a surprising discovery of three tiny kittens in the flooded basement. The Utica Fire Department announced that the crew from Truck 2 found the kittens and were able to safely remove them from the building and safely transport them back to the station.

When the crew arrived back at the station, they were met by a City of Utica Animal Control Officer to complete the rescue of the kittens. Two of the three kittens have already found a home, but not before a photo opportunity with their rescuers.

If you have it in your heart to take any stray or abandoned kitten or puppy into your home you can contact the Stevens Swan Humane Society or any other area shelter. You will never know the difference you will make in the life of a neglected animal until you adopt one. The shelters also perpetually need donations for items like beds, food and medications. You can contact the Stevens Swan Humane Society at (315) 738-4357. Congratulations to the crew of Truck 2 in Utica.

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