The pop-out sign on the bus in our picture pretty much sums up this story.

A 30-year-old dude named Justin Preedom was in Sarver, Pennsylvania (in the western portion of the state, just north of Pittsburgh), and wanted to return to his home in Avon, which is about 30 minutes south of Rochester. So, he did what any normal 30-year-old would do: he stole a school bus, hit the road, and drove it about 275 miles all the way home.

Stop. Just stop.

After Mr. Preedom stole the bus and after he arrived back home in Avon...he then left the bus on someone else's property. That family called the cops and reported that a school bus with Pennsylvania license plates was on their property and they had absolutely no clue as to why.

Maybe that's where the bus ran out of gas. Maybe it's the only parking space he could find. Maybe he was attempting to leave it as a gift.

Whatever the case, the cops traced it to Justin, and he was arrested for felony possession of stolen property.

If you'd like to see what this doofus looks like, and then share it with your friends, go check out his good-looking mugshot, plus other details of the story at By the way, this story is NOT to be confused with a story from a few years ago in of a man who tried to steal a Greyhound bus from Syracuse.

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