Governor Andrew Cuomo says more New York colleges will be forced to go to remote instruction if students don't follow COVID-19 rules.

Cuomo Monday expressed strong support for the decision to shut down the SUNY Oneonta campus for two weeks more than 100 students tested positive for the coronavirus.

The governor said he believes the action sent a "loud and clear" message to students in the state and elsewhere in the nation.

Cuomo praised the decision to suspend five SUNY Oneonta students for hosting large parties.

The governor acknowledged that college students like to party but he warned those who disregard the pandemic guidelines that they'll face consequences: "Now you can go home and party with your parents."

Binghamton University president Harvey Stenger Friday said about 10 students had lost on-campus living privileges because of COVID-19 rule violations. He said three cases of those cases involved parents who ignored the guidelines.

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