For those that believe racism doesn't exist in Central New York, it does. However, we have many amazing people who stand up against it.

Over this past week, a white teenage resident of Boonville yelled an absolutely horrific, derogatory, and racist name at two black teenage residents of Boonville. One of these teens is a recent graduate of and one is a current senior at Adirondack Central School. These teens were simply walking at Erwin Park when these horrible things were shouted at them.

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On Facebook, there is a group called "What's Happening in Boonville, New York." This group has released a statement about the recent incidents:

Let us be as clear as we can; racism and hate has NO place in society, it has NO place in the town we all love, and it has NO place at What's Happening in Boonville, New York. The almighty God did not create just one type of tree, one type of flower, one type of rock, one type of horse, or one type of human. We need to be better, parents need to do and raise better, and the people that spew this vile need to be held accountable.
“Be the change you wish to see.”"

Many are commenting on the post explaining that change starts at home. Some are saying that people need to raise children better.

Children need to be taught to love one another and to be kind to one another regardless of skin color or beliefs. Some adults need to be taught this also. Our children learn from our behaviors. So if we act poorly to anyone they will do the same. My three girls were taught to be kind to all."

Just know, there is no place in this world for this behavior. For you to believe that "our region isn't like that", it is sometimes. The only way to change it, is to fix it.

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