Not all bikers wear capes but one group in Upstate New York certainly should. They saved the day not once, but twice.

The Muleskinners Riding Club in Watertown heard about a mom who was looking for her daughter's stolen bike. It was taken off Chelsy Mae Dove's front porch in the early morning hours. "When I reported it stolen with Watertown PD, I was just another stolen bike report," Dove said.

Several days after the bike went missing, the Muleskinners helped Dove patrol the neighborhood. They found it but without the front wheel. "I can’t thank this group of awesome men for putting their time and effort into this. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Second Missing Bike

Hours after Dove shared the news on Facebook, the riding club received another message about a stolen bike. "We’re not doing a Batman LARP to rid the town of petty thieves, but we’ll sure do our part to discourage people when it’s brought to our attention," the group shared.

Credit - Muleskinners Riding Club via Facebook
Credit - Muleskinners Riding Club via Facebook

Second Bike Recovered

Within 24 hours of receiving the message about the second bike, the riding club found, collected, and returned it to the rightful owner.

We’re not specializing as bike retrieval vigilantes but if you have anything like this happen to you, let us know and we’ll have a productive conversation on your behalf. Kids and their things are off limits. Too many people work too hard here to provide their children with nice things to have the local scum just take it and expect you to replace what they stole.

Credit - Muleskinners Riding Club via Facebook
Credit - Muleskinners Riding Club via Facebook

Lock Up & Look Out

The riding club reminds everyone to take some precautions and keep their stuff locked up as well as keep an eye out for suspicious activity in their neighborhood, especially around children.

The Muleskinners may be finding and returning stolen bikes, but for the ones getting them back, they are doing so much more. "Thank you for standing up for these children here in our city and most importantly being our voices when they’re not heard elsewhere," said Dove.

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