A new movie will be filming soon and there are a few props they're looking for and one specific kind of actor. Can you help them?

Have you ever wanted to be an actor? There have been an increase of movies filming in New York but, sadly, this one isn't for you. New York Upstate reported that a movie being filmed in Syracuse is looking for "a very special dairy cow."

According to the audition, they're hoping for the cow to be "even-tempered and good around crowds of people." If your cow can lay down and stand up on command, that's even better. They must have udders. Sound like your cow? Submit information to filmsix.props@gmail.com with the subject "Cow Option, Film Six Movie."

So, you don't have a cow? That's okay, they could still use you! Film Six is also looking for other things you can help them with. Have a big rig? They're looking for  (3-5) 18-Wheeler owner/operators. They're also looking for "classic convertibles from the 50s, 60s, and 70s in pristine condition.

We have no knowledge of any of the film details. They're not releasing the cast, director or title yet.

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