Yes, weed is now legal in New York but don't make this mistake because the troopers are on the lookout today.

If you do indeed plan to celebrate with a toke or two of kush, please just be careful. New York State Troopers according to WHAM are warning drivers to not drive while under the influence. Think of it like this, you know how they do a speed week? Or how they crackdown and are on the lookout for drunk drivers? That's the exact thing they are doing today for those who are driving under the influence of the ganja.

NHTSA is also making sure everyone has the reminder that 46 percent of drivers killed in accidents in 2018 were under the influence of drugs.

Now, with that said. This is the first time for people in New York State to actually legally celebrate 4/20 with reefer. So if you are someone who smokes dope, just be careful and plan ahead. For instance, if maybe you're going to a friend's house and they offer you grass, you know the pot, just make sure you have a safe way to get home. Get an Uber, or a Lyft to safely bring you back home. Don't get behind the wheel while your brain is experiencing the effect of whacky tobacky, or Mary Jane as your parents called it. I think the kids call it trees.

All slang aside, celebrate, but please just be safe.

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