Most fireworks displays in New York State have been cancelled for the 4th of July this year due to COVID-19. But that doesn't mean you can have your own. New York State Police arrested several people on Interstate 81 for having thousands of dollars worth of illegal fireworks, in two separate incidents.

On Friday, June 26, New York State Police arrested Holly Cornell, of Berkshire, New York for the same thing. She was also caught after making a traffic violation on Interstate 81.

A trooper monitoring traffic on 81 pulled Cornell over. K9 Matti found over $2,000 worth of illegal fireworks in her vehicle.

Cornell was arrested and released on appearance tickets.

Three people were arrested on Saturday, June 27th when a trooper discovered $900 worth of illegal fireworks in their vehicle. And they were caught after making a traffic violation.

Leon Tryon, and Garett Lavalley, of Wolcott, New York were each charged with Unlawfully Dealing with Fireworks and Dangerous Fireworks. A third person was charged with a Possessing a Firework or Dangerous Firework.

All three men were arrested, processed and issued appearance tickets.

Sparkling devices are the only fireworks allowed in New York State. Learn more at

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