Each season, Utica Coffee Roasting Company gets pretty creative with their menu. When summer rolled around, they announced a lineup featuring new drinks like a strawberry shortcake latte, a dreamsicle frappe and more.

Now that fall is right around your corner, you can trick (or treat) yourself to something different.

What's great about these drinks being offered at Utica Coffee is that they have your typical fall beverages that you know and love - but they also have fun, unique twists on some of those beverages as well. If your morning coffee sets the tone for your entire day, these are some great options to do so.

Here's what was added to the Fall Treats menu:

  • Pumpkin Patch Latte- "Pick the best pumpkin of the patch every time with this latte that swirls sweet pumpkin with warm fall spices." You can get this one hot or iced, with milk, or if you're looking for something extra - try their pumpkin spiced whipped cream.
  • Sapsucker Latte- "The leaves are falling and the trees have never been sweeter. Tap into the taste of fresh, locally sourced maple syrup and spiced brown sugar in this delicious latte." This drink is also available hot or iced with your choice of milk.
  • Monster Mash- "Mint, pistachio and crushed chocolate covered espresso beans; this blended icy beverage is a graveyard smash and can be made with or without espresso."
  • Apple Of My Chai- "Experience this true taste of fall with the combination of chai spices and caramel apple." With this drink, you can get it hot or cold with your choice of milk. You can also spice it up by making it "dirty" or asking for a lotus shot in the drink.

They also have apple cider on tap that you can enjoy hot or cold, and something called the "Witches Brew," which is a naturally flavored pumpkin spiced cold brew.

What's great about the menu other than the obvious? Even though we still have a way until the actual season of fall hits the Utica area, the drinks are now available in both locations: in Utica and in Clinton.

Are you ready for fall drinks? Let us know inside our station app.

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