Everyone loves chocolate, right? Well, apparently spirits are no exception.

Barkeater Chocolates in the Adirondacks is a home-turned-chocolate-shop with a long history of paranormal activity. According to the Haunted History Trail, several generations of the same family owned the home beginning in 1947. There are rumors that a child died in an accident just outside the house and a couple passed away in two separate rooms inside the home.

Barkeater Chocolates purchased the building in 2013, according to the HHT, and employees have mentioned one notorious ghost, who they've named Miranda. Apparently Miranda doesn't understand how electric bills work and used to turn the shop's thermostat up to 85 degrees. Thankfully, she stopped when they taped down the dial to keep her from moving it. Employees and a construction crew have also heard unexplained voices, banging and footsteps throughout the building.

The chocolate itself at Barkeater looks to die for, pun intended. It's no wonder Miranda has stuck around all these years. You can visit Barkeater in North Creek Thursday through Tuesday and find more information about their sweet treats on their website.

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