Indulge in wine and chocolate. Literally, your favorite wine is inside a chocolate-covered wine bottle. Yes, please.

How on earth did I not see these before? The Villa Verona Vineyard Winery & Bistro has been featuring chocolate-covered wine bottles for almost 5 years now. We're told the staple is the brainchild of a chocolate maker, and she asked the Villa Verona to be the guinea pig, and it seems to have worked out well for both parties.

Here's how it works, kind of. First, the wine bottle is covered and shrink-wrapped, and then it's dipped and slathered in chocolate. Yum right? As you can see in the pictures, she uses three kinds of chocolate. White chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.

Villa Verona Vineyard Winery & Bistro

The chocolate also represents the type of wine in the bottle since you can't see the label. Inside the chocolate and dark chocolate bottles is their BFF wine, described as a semi-sweet wine and pairs deliciously with the rich chocolate. The white chocolate covers a sweet grape-flavored wine called Sassy Pants.

Mary Jo Beach, the owner of Villa Verona Vineyard and Bistro, says a bottle serves about 8 glasses of wine and is becoming popular as the centerpiece at weddings. Everyone gets a glass of wine, and they all enjoy the chocolate together.

servers unwrap the chocolate bottles and pour the wine for everyone at the table for a toast. (A little different than the traditional champagne toast.) after the toast, everyone picks at the chocolate and drinks wine.


Villa Verona Vineyard Winery & Bistro

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