Seeing a dog in a kennel is a sad sight, especially when it's one that's just trying to find his way back home, like the one being held now at the Chenango SPCA. Just look at this guy's cute face.

We're helping out our friends in the Southern Tier, since that's where this dog named Buddy turned up. Sometimes dogs stray many miles from home, so it makes sense to expand the search here in the Mohawk Valley. Here's the plea from the Chenango SPCA on their Facebook page:

We really need everyone's help getting this photo out to the public. This dog is with us now but was found by someone on Rt 41 in Smithville Flats at the end of April, yes April. They kept the dog and did not report him to us or the DCO. We believe he is under two years old.

The Chenango SPCA is still looking for answers and clues and they've alreaedy shared the information to these organizations:

-Lost And Found Pets From Norwich And Surrounding Areas
-Lost Dogs in New York
-New York Lost Pets
-New York Lost & Found Pet Group
-Chenango Pets Who Need New Homes

Please share this post and let's see if we can find his owner. If you have any information, please contact the Chenango SPCA at 607-334-9724 (extension 2) or reach out to them via their Facebook page.

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