Breed discrimination is real, and it's unfortunate.

The age-old debate surrounding dog aggression is revisited thanks to a new nationwide study by California-based law firm Bisnar Chase. The study dives into public perception about certain breeds, and organized its findings by state.

In this study, 3000 individuals were surveyed, asking them to think on personal encounters with dog owners they found to be untrustworthy. But the real question is whether this distrust is rooted in the dogs' perceived danger, or the training (or lack thereof) provided by their owners.

In certain sectors, dog attacks, which often generate sensational headlines, can prompt breed-specific legislation targeting these so-called "untrustworthy" breeds.


Bisnar Chase
Bisnar Chase

According to the results of the study, pit bull owners top the list as the least trusted in New York state. Unfortunately this echoes public perceptions held throughout most of the U.S.

But ask anyone who's actually owned a pit bull -- including yours truly -- and they will argue that when raised in a loving and well-trained environment, pit bulls can be among the most loyal and affectionate breeds you can get.


Any form of prejudice does a disservice to society. It's disheartening to see that while strides have been made reducing bias among humans, prejudice directed at dog breeds has not. Labeling all pit bulls as "evil and dangerous" is no different than harboring prejudices toward someone of a certain ethnicity.

In short: We've got to do better.

Check out the full results of the study here. 

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