While most of us were preparing for a Super Bowl Party, Kerrianne Belline of Olmstedville, N.Y. was planning on doing some ice-fishing. Her day turned out just as nice as any Kansas City Chief's fan.

In a story first reported by Syracuse.com; Kerrianne, her boyfriend, and another acquaintance were just looking to use up some leftover bait when they headed for an Adirondack lake in Essex County on Super Bowl Sunday. The day would end with the combined efforts of the trio landing a 43" Northern Pike.

Kerrianne says it took about 20 minutes to tire out the Pike, including 3 misses when it got to the hole in the ice. After finally getting it through the hole and celebrating the successful catch, it nearly got away again when the fish jumped toward the hole. The save was made again and the trophy fish is at the taxidermist getting ready to mount on her wall.

Read more about the story at Syracuse.com.

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