Have you seen it? The new Ford Bronco is one heck of a good looking SUV!

My friend's mom and dad had a Bronco when we were kids. I'll never forget that thing. It was two-toned. Blue and white with a big buck deflector thing in the front end that would whistle when you hit the right speed on the Thruway.

One summer, I was invited to take a road trip with them to Cedar Point and we did the trip in the Bronco. I believe the AC was not working properly? I recall it was a long and hot ride and every time I think about a Bronco, that trip pops up in my memory.

My wife keeps telling me that I should consider something like the new Bronco. Having a big family, it would make sense. However, I just can't imagine not having a 6 or 8 foot bed like you get on a pick-up truck. It really comes in handy when you are moving things around or helping someone move.

Of course, we all think of OJ Simpson when we hear the word Bronco mentioned. I'll never forget where I was that summer. We watched the famous White Bronco being chased by police on a small TV on my friend's porch in East Aurora. It will always be one of those historic moments you will always recall where you were when it happened!


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