On Facebook, a new group is emerging in Upstate New York. It is the "Anti Mask Upstate NY" group.

First off, we understand that people have the freedom of speech, and are allowed to join any group they want, and share different opinions. That's the beautiful thing about America. This article is stating the existence of the group, and allowing you to make your own judgement on the group.

The groups description claims that wearing a face mask weakens a humans immune systems.

Please invite everybody you know who is against the communist regime mandating is to weaken our immune system by wearing a mask. Please use this group to share and support local businesses that don’t violate our civil liberties by abiding by the Cuomo regime""

Is this actually true? Do face masks weaken your immune system?

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WUSA9 reports that research does not support the idea that wearing a mask will weaken your immune system and leave you more susceptible to the coronavirus. The sources of their research are The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Mayo Clinic, and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Experts say that bacteria from food, water and our environment is everywhere, and millions of microbes will still get into our systems one way or the other. This means our immune systems are constantly operating, with or without a mask."

Discussion posts on the group are filled with memes against masks, posters explaining how " idiotic all of this is", face mask shaming videos, Cuomo hating, and other posts complaining about businesses requiring face masks inside of them:

Just sent this to Stewart's via fb messenger. Let's see what response I get:
"Hello, I am writing today to file a complaint against multiple Stewart's locations I have visited since Friday, July 10th. I have been a loyal customer for my entire adult life, and up until that point, I had no issues shopping at your establishments without wearing a mask or face covering. However, randomly since then I have been harassed and discriminated against at multiple locations by employees and a manager, told "no mask, no service, there is a new law". There is no new law, nor any law for that matter has ever existed. There are only "mandates", which are not enforceable by law or by the courts or law enforcement.........."

Some of the posts are flagged by Facebook's false information filter as well.

Currently the group has over 300 members at the time of this reporting. You can find out more about the group on Facebook.

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