Poor mechanics, they're kinda like dentists: Nobody likes going to see them, but if you do, you hope they're good.

Let's face it, a lot of us don't know what we're doing underneath the hood. Especially because automobiles are becoming increasingly complex. I'm reminded of that scene in Seinfeld when George is lamenting about this very subject:

They can make up anything; nobody knows! ''Why, you need a new Johnson rod in here.' Oh, a Johnson rod! Better put one of those on!


If you're one of the few fortunate ones who've found a good mechanic, as I have -- trust me, you don't let them go. You are fiercely loyal to your mechanic. I don't care if my car breaks down in Wilmington, Delaware, I'd rather have the car towed 300 miles for the peace of mind of having "my guy" look at it.


Concerns about mechanic trustworthiness are very real. When the inner-workings of a car are Greek to you, it's very easy to be taken advantage of. Sadly, there are many incidents of garages overcharging, completing unnecessary repairs, or carrying out shoddy workmanship. Given these challenges, it can take a lot of patience, research and trial & error to find a good mechanic that meets your specific needs...

...but we're gonna take a look at ones who've left customers unimpressed.

Because this author does not want to feed into "negative review culture", the names of the businesses themselves have been redacted. But please enjoy our gallery below of some actual negative reviews for Central New York mechanics:

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