The Hudson Valley is dominating a new national list that profiles the "most charming small towns" in New York State.

This week, Microsoft News highlighted "New York state's most charming small towns."

"Often unfairly overlooked in favor of bustling Manhattan, the State of New York is filled with an abundance of characterful small towns. From adorable lakeside hamlets to quaint college towns brimming with history, we’ve ranked the most charming towns and small cities in the state – perfect for a weekend getaway or day trip," Microsoft News writes.

Microsoft News didn't go into detail about how the website crafted the list, but the Hudson Valley dominated the list. 11 Hudson Valley towns made the list. Did your hometown make the list?

Below the Hudson Valley towns that made the list on the Top 10 "most charming" small towns in New York State.

Here are the Hudson Valley towns that made the list and a place each town Microsoft News highlighted.

The 11 'Most Charming Small Towns' in New York State

  • 10. Kingston
  • 9. Oswego
  • 8. Ithaca
  • 7. Skaneateles
  • 6. Watkins Glen
  • 5. Saranac Lake
  • 4. Saratoga Springs
  • 3. Montauk
  • 2. Hudson
  • 1. Lake Placid

Lake Placid, "the poster child of the Adirondacks," was named the "most charming" small town in New York State by Microsoft News.

IRONMAN Lake Placid
Getty Images for IRONMAN

"Lake Placid wows with its incredible scenery, wide range of outdoor activities and diverse food scene. As peaceful as the name suggests, it’s surrounded by some of the state’s most impressive landscapes," Microsoft News States about Lake Placid.

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