Who says kids today are lazy. One teen is going viral for his work ethic.

Damian Darius noticed a boy dragging a snowblower down the road to put gas in it. "I asked him if he was just doing his parents driveway or if he was walking around looking for work," says Darius. "He told me he was looking for work."

Darius owns Party Pooperz Portable Restrooms in Granville, New York, and gave the teen his number, offering him a job at $12 an hour. "Maybe it’s not worth paying him that much, but it would teach him the lesson that hard work always pays off and not to be lazy. If he's willing to work, he’s more than welcome to join my team."

A Facebook post praising the teen, who's name is Jeremy Coan, quickly went viral. It's been shared more than 2,000 times in 12 hours. "This kid is gonna be someone someday. At 14 he’s out there hustling, not sitting at home playing games," shared Darius.

"Please tell his parents they raised him right," wrote Darius.

Sara Trombley is the boy's mom and says Jeremy helps several people around his neighborhood in Fairhaven, Vermont. "He actually does it for free for a lot of people before they come home."

"Imagine if all 14 year old kids had the ambition this kid has," said Darius. "The world would be a different place."

Amen to that!

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