Albany has gotten the most snow we've seen in years and while they are all complaining, someone was having fun with it.

Meghan Hughes of Schenectady was clearing snow with her snowblower after the storm over the weekend. The difference is that instead of being bundled up in winter gear, she was dressed as a unicorn. The video has been viewed more than one million times in the last couple of days, according to CBS 6.

Apparently, she had the unicorn costume from a past Halloween and just thought it'd be funny. She didn't expect any of this attention that she's been getting. Aside from her video being shared, people have asked her to plow their driveways in the costume as well as attend children's parties dressed as the unicorn.

Hey, if you have to clear a ton of snow like we did over the weekend, why not try to have a little fun with it dressed as a unicorn, right?

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