There's too many parents that said during quarantine, it was hard for them to "home school" their kids. It required them to help with homework and keep them busy during the time period they should have been in school. If you fall into that category of parents and you're looking for someone else to entertain your child so you can go back to work, there's an educational option for you in Syracuse.

The MOST (Museum Of Science and Technology) wants to help parents with that and give them them support during the days where virtual learning is in process. They'll be offering homework help and STEM projects, games and activities.

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The STEAM Explorers Program will be an addition what kids are getting at school. They'll be given homework help with MOST education staff along with museum exploration and the additional STEM programming. The 13 week program runs from 9 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday.

"We designed this program to engage students and supplement the academic efforts of teachers - all in an environment where parents can feel confident that their kids are learning safely," said Dr. Emily Stewart, Director of Education and Programming and leader of STEM Camps at the MOST

The program is offered to kids aged four to twelve, and there will be ten kids in each group. The museum decided to launch the program to get the kids back involved in educational, fun learning, while parents can go back to work. According to CNY Central, students will have their own separate entry and exit, and they will have a designated classroom space. Kids and staff will be required to wear a mask and undergo health screenings.

The program runs from September 14 through December 14 and costs $600. Parents can pick one weekday, and they can add days for an additional fee. After care is also available from 3-5pm for an additional $20.

If you'd like to learn more about the program, visit

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