New York's top official thinks the COVID pandemic has changed the five-day workweek forever.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul believes New Yorkers may never commute to the office for work five days a week. She thinks the COVID pandemic killed the traditional workweek.

"It may never be a five-day (work)week again,” Hochul said this week after an event in Harlem.

For the record, Hochul doesn't think Empire State residents will work fewer days, she just doesn't think New Yorkers will work in an office every day of the workweek. She believes many New Yorkers will likely work in an office three to four days a week.

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"It may be four days with flexibility. It may be three and a half. At least three to four days at minimum," Hochul said according to the New York Post.

The governor would love to see New Yorkers back in the office full-time to help the state's economy. She also thinks working in an office helps with social development and creativity.


"People staying home now are missing a state comeback,” Hochul added.

Another top New York official agrees with Hochul on the workweek being changed forever.

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“Gov. Hochul is accurately reflecting their view of the future of office work. People will be expected back in the office but with some greater flexibility than in the past,” CEO of the Partnership for the City of New York Kathryn Wylde said.

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been calling for people to return to the office. He wants people back because she says local stores need their business.

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