We've all seen and heard the plight of Central New York Dairy Farms forced into dumping milk because of decreased demand. Stewart's Shops, a company selling lots of milk and dairy products, has a unique business model enabling them to not only help their dairy farmers, but their customers too.

You often hear the company talking about why their ice cream products are different from everyone else, because they control the milk used n making them. Stewart's works with about 25 dairy farms in purchasing raw milk. The company hauls it in their own trucks, then processes and bottles it at their own plant in Greenfield, NY.

This unique control of milk has allowed Stewart's to increase the premiums paid to their Dairy Farms by 50 cents per hundred weight. And with fuel prices plummeting, the company has been able to reduce hauling charges. It's all more than just a win for farmers, increased demand for their products has enabled the company to reduce the prices. Milk has dropped 10 cents on gallons and half gallons at all stores.

Here are comments from farmers and Stewart's President, Gary Drake..

Full disclosure, Stewart's Shops is a sponsor of Tad and Polly in the morning.


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