Looking to cheer up your neighborhood during the Coronavirus? Give the gift of food.

The Brake From The Grind food truck is offering neighborhood food truck evenings. They posted the news on their Facebook page:

If your interested in hosting their truck from 4pm till 7pm in your neighborhood, or their block, you can contact Stephen Malecki at 607-342-1720. They also offer all of their Farm to Truck foods as well.

We adhere to all social distancing guidelines and we have certain rules to make sure those guidelines are meet during these neighborhood events."

Here are the requirements they look for to bring the truck out:

1. A way to contact your neighbors letting them know our food truck will be on site. We will take phone or text orders starting at 1pm the day of. Your neighbors drive/walk, pick up their food and head home to enjoy our farm to truck experience! (Observing all social distancing requirements of course!)
2. A driveway to park our truck in, we must be on private property as some municipalities do not allow us to park and sell on the street.
3. Minimum sales of $300 to have us onsite for 3 hours (typically 4p-7p.) We have the ability to accept Credit/debit cards over the phone, so no cash is required.
4. We are currently traveling in a 25 miles radius of our home base for this service.

Brake from the Grind is a food truck specializing in "farm to truck".  Stephen and Darryl provide plenty of gluten free choices. With a menu so large be sure to give yourself time to choose.  Their steak sandwich is straight from the cow. Their fantastic twists bring food to life. Best of all, they do it with giant smiles.

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So far Brake from the Grind has visited Clinton, Utica, New Hartford, and other parts of CNY.

Brake from the Grind is also part of We Truck Together. These chefs make food with their hands and with passion. Also, the food listed from these food trucks is extremely healthly, homemade, and delicious.

Here's a look at their menu and photos:

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