Tim Tebow is off to a slow start with the Syracuse Mets of the International League. His first season of Triple-A baseball with the New York Mets' top farm team has been a struggle.

His BATTING AVERAGE (hits per at-bat) is an anemic .136, while his STRIKEOUT AVERAGE (strikeouts per at-bat) is .363. As he tries to reverse that trend--and we have no doubt the industrious 31-year-old slugger will--we thought we'd offer some other statistical categories in which we thrive here in Central New York. You know, in order to inspire Tebow, and maybe put a smile on his face. So, here's our list of Central New York Batting Averages Comparable to Tim Tebow's:

  • Syracuse Basketball's Final Four Batting Average - .167 (one win in six trips to the NCAA semifinals)
  • Our Batting Average for Days of the Year with Fresh Snowfall - .180 (this is about as bad as it gets in the U.S., but by comparison, the snowiest place on Earth, Aomori City in Japan, hits nearly .400 in this category)
  • Percentage of Days We Need to Wear Sunglasses - .158
  • CNY Batting Average in Repairing Potholes - .047
  • New York Against Other U.S. States in Low Taxes - .080 (in other words, only three other states are worse)

So, there you go, Tim Tebow. Things could always be worse. Now, go get 'em.


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