Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol was joined by officials and students from Westmoreland High School today to announce the 2021 Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee’s “No Empty Chair” campaign.

The statewide campaign will begin Monday, April 19 and run through Friday, April 23. Maciol says the goal is to educate students on the dangers of impaired and distracted driving. He hopes this ensures there are no empty chairs at school graduations this year and years to come.

“This initiative is to keep teens safe so they can enjoy what is ahead of them – prom, graduation, and then moving on to the next step of their lives. Please buckle up, slow down, and put away your cell phones while driving. These few actions will make the highways safer for all and help prevent tragedy.” said Maciol.

Law enforcement will be focusing on several areas of the law including speeding in school zones, seat belt usage and texting while driving.

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