You can experience quite the range of wildlife any given day at the beach. Bronx 12 says that a fisherman recently spotted a shark that had beached itself and appeared to be struggling. Certain sea animals can end up stranded on the beach if they move too close or if the water is too shallow. Some unfortunately never make it back out to the ocean.

Bronx 12 is reporting that the fisherman spotted the 10 foot shark, which was believed to have been a Mako, at Point Lookout on Long Island. Bronx 12 says the commercial fisherman called the DEC and Town of Hempstead Bay constable to help free the animal, but the time they returned the shark was gone.

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Mako Sharks

Shortfin Mako sharks are also sometimes known as blue pointers, or bonito sharks. They can reach over 10 feet in length, and are found in almost all the oceans around the world. Makos are known to travel very long distances to eat or find a mate. They are also known for their speed, and their ability to leap far out of water.



There's been quite an uptick in humpback whale sightings over the past few years off the coast of New York. Sadly, the increased activity also means there's a greater chance some of these massive animals could meet their demise, often through human intervention. That was the case in September 2021, as the National Parks Service says a 40 foot dead humpback whale was spotted off the coast of Staten Island.

Gothamist reports that there have been thirty one humpback deaths over the past several years, which makes us second in the United States only to Massachusetts. Boat strikes are a considerable danger to these giant ocean mammals, who's migration patterns have been bringing them closer and closer to shore in recent years. According to the data at NOAA, this is the first humpback death on the coast of New York this year.

Deposing of dead whale carcasses is a grim and often difficult procedure. Some can be simply buried on the beach, but many end up being towed out to open water, or hauled with very heavy machinery to nearby landfills for disposal. Many times, local officials have to turn to help from the Coast Guard or a local harbormaster.

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