Looks like Rome Walmart has pulled a page out of the Ebenezer Scrooge playbook. A popular 27-year associate was unceremoniously sacked right before the Christmas season.

Loren Butters had worked at the Walmart store on Taberg Road in Rome since 1996. Just this past August their official Facebook page congratulated her on her 27-year work anniversary.

Reading just a few of the comments on that original thread last August revealed just how special an employee Loren was:

Loren Butters is such a dedicated, hard worker and always willing to help! Happy anniversary! They are blessed to have you!


My favorite person to see at work!


I've encountered her many times over the years while shopping there. Always willing to help and shows a big smile!

Walmart Rome - Rome Taberg Rd via Facebook
Walmart Rome - Rome Taberg Rd via Facebook

But just a few months later, Walmart decided they didn't appreciate Loren as much as they claimed. According to a family member, Loren was let go from her position at Walmart, with Christmas right around the corner.

The family member criticized Walmart's decision, emphasizing the personal sacrifices Loren made for the job over the years. There was an outpouring of support for Loren in the comments that followed:

Such a slap in the face to terminate this loyal employee who has been a cornerstone of this store for nearly three decades. I hope Karma impacts those who made this horrible decision


Walmart Rome you are horrible for letting this woman go (fired). You should be ashamed! Another reason to dislike Walmart no heart at all!

Google Maps
Google Maps

Rome Walmart did not immediately return our request for a comment.

Just a gentle reminder from corporate America that you're more expendable than you think.

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