New York bars and restaurants are getting creative after Governor Andrew Cuomo ruled food must be served with alcohol. One place in Rome is offering the Emperor's Boat to go with your beverage.

The Palisades Hotel added the Emperor's Boat to their menu. It consists of 2 hand cut style, partial skin on, deep fried, golden brown french fries, served red hot. The new item will cost you 25 cents.
Quarter, dimes, nickles are preferred. "We're not big on pennies," the restaurant shared on Facebook. "The Sades would like to do it's part in replenishing the drastic shortage ff loose change our nation is suffering."

Lafayette Brewing Company in Buffalo created a $1 menu with a variety of options including 9 fries, a handful of croutons or the smallest piece of cheesecake you'll ever see. Jell-O Shots, Bloody Mary with Celery, and “Chef’s Choice” (literally whatever we feel like giving you from the kitchen), will also be available.

Matthew Bagley, owner of Harvey's Restaurant and Bar in Saratoga Springs only has one new item on his menu.....Cuomo Chips. "Here’s your food Cuomo," Bagley wrote on Facebook, with a receipt. "Come on by. I’ll buy your first chip."

The chips were so popular, they sold out!

Monday, Cuomo said he may be forced to close bars and restaurants after seeing a lack of social distancing, especially in New York City.

"Many of these congregations tend to be young people. Young people tend to think they are superheroes. You’re not a superhero. But you could become a superspreader," Cuomo said. "You can get sick in your 20s, you can die in your 20s. I'm telling you it has to stop. It's stupid, what you are doing. Don't be stupid. What they are doing it stupid and reckless."

Cuomo asked local governments and police departments to enforce the law to make sure bars aren't overcrowded and people are wearing masks.

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