Empire Haven is hosting a cardboard boat race, and the only clothing you'll need is a life jacket, but only if you can't swim.

Empire Haven is a nudist park in Moravia New York, but prefers to be referred to as "clothing-optional." According to the rules, "you can disrobe at your own pace. Some people are ready as soon as they arrive, others like to ease into it. No judgment."

The rules at Empire Haven also clearly state nudity does not equal sex:

A big misconception by many who have never been to a nudist establishment before is equating nudity with sex. However, this is not the case. In fact, things that are sexually provocative in nature, such as behaviors and attire, are discouraged at Empire Haven.  Instead, we offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where people are free to enjoy being poolside or participating in any of the activities or sports available, wearing as much or as little clothing as desired.  The only area where complete nudity is always required is the pool area (including the pool, two hot tubs, and sauna), which is standard at nudist establishments.

The nudist park features many events, including a cardboard boat race on July 25 using only cardboard and duct tape. Participants can use a pit crew to help build/launch the boat that must hold at least one person while being raced across the swimming pool. Prizes will be awarded for the fastest boat, the last boat floating, and best decorated.

Remember, COVID-19 rules and regulations must be followed to feel the breeze through your hair, and well, everywhere. Get naked and have some fun at the boat races!

Have you ever been to a nudist resort? We bet packing isn't a big issue!

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