A nonprofit organization that aims to encourage people to think about retirement finances announced that it was the sole sponsor for the Rolling Stones’ upcoming No Filter tour.

The Alliance for Lifetime Income hopes to secure exposure to 1.5 million concert attendees and 24 million social-media followers, believing that many of them, aged 45 to 75, have “investable assets.”

“One of the things about today is that people age and continue to live life to the fullest but don’t think about retiring,” the organization's executive director, Jean Statler, told Rolling Stone. “We started talking to the Stones in June 2018 and jumped on the chance to be their tour sponsor. It was a dream come true. … it was a way to get 100 percent coverage of our target audience.”

The alliance, which was formed from more than 20 financial businesses, does not recommend specific products but instead aims to raise awareness of funding retirement.” Statler said that members of the Stones’ crew would be featured as examples of those who should be thinking about retirement. While the band itself won't be part of the campaign, it was on board to support the project and came up with a deal that cost “far less” than usual corporate sponsorship agreements.

“I think we’re breaking through barriers here because we’ve co-branded with the Stones signage, and just by them allowing us to talk to more people, we’re able to better help address the societal crisis of people outliving their money,” Statler said, adding that the alliance might be interesting in similar campaigns later. "I understand Bob Dylan is touring next year. Who knows?”



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