Part of the reason Airbnbs have become so popular over hotels in recent years is because they give people a chance to stay in some pretty unique locations. One type of dwelling that has gained steam on the site has been the yurt.


Here's what says about yurts:

A yurt is a portable, lightweight round structure where the roof is held up under a combination of tension and compression, with no major center supports needed.

Yurts date back centuries as a type of dwelling for nomadic people. Certainly we've come a long way since then. Why would anyone want to stay in one?

Well, for one, there's the novelty of it. There's a big section of Airbnb's userbase that loves to book "novelty" properties, because they're just attracted to the unusual and want the story.

While yurts don't provide a whole lot in terms of fancy amenities, they can be the perfect choice for a "glamping" experience, as most of them are located in remote forested areas with plenty of peace and quiet. You might say a yurt is somewhere between a tent and a cabin.


It's important to understand that the yurts you can book on Airbnb right now aren't the same kinds you'd share with 7 sheep herders in 400 BC. These are yurts on steroids: "luxury" yurts, if you will.

Check out the gallery below of some truly unique yurts you can book on Airbnb right now:

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