A beloved culinary institution in the heart of Rome, New York, is closing its doors after serving the community for an impressive 37 years. Patrons were met with a bittersweet surprise when they approached the restaurant, only to find a notice posted on the front door announcing its closure:

After 37 wonderful years of serving you, Mayflower Chinese restaurant will officially close its doors on 10/31/2023. Unfortunately, our lease will not be renewed. We're immensely grateful for your love and support throughout the years. Many thanks.

Darin Parry on Facebook
Darin Parry on Facebook

For nearly four decades, the Mayflower had been a gathering place for Rome families seeking comforting Chinese cuisine. Understandably, news of its closure elicited somber remarks on Facebook:

I'm destroyed by this... Best Chinese food restaurant in Rome.

While the sudden closure came as a shock to many, it also inspired reflection on the Mayflower's longstanding impact on the local community:

Will miss the Mayflower. Best Chinese in Rome. Been going there ever since they opened.

Google Maps
Google Maps

We celebrated birthdays, holidays , and happy times at the Mayflower. Best Chinese food ever! Best Wishes for Future Endeavors.

Apart from the decision not to renew their lease, the reasons behind the restaurant's closure remain a mystery. Mayflower's last day serving hungry Rome residents will be Tuesday, October 31st.

As Rome bids farewell to this culinary cornerstone, it's evident that the Mayflower's legacy will live on in the hearts of its patrons.


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