Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente presented his 2022 budget proposal to the Board of Legislators today.

Picente says for the ninth year in a row, the budget does not increase property taxes.

“One zero is hard enough, but nine straight, including two during a pandemic, is an accomplishment I am very proud of,” Picente said. “We have been able to do this by controlling discretionary spending, creating efficiencies and through unique revenue sources like the Oneida Nation agreement.”

The spending plan totals $457 million, which is an increase of $23 million over the current budget.

Oneida County Executive's Office
Oneida County Executive's Office

The $457 million proposal is a balanced budget that appropriates $114 million in sales tax revenue, $20.85 million in Oneida Nation revenue and retires $19 million in debt. The 6-year capital plan totals $29 million.

The $22 million allotted to the county in federal funding from the American Rescue Act will be used for revenue replacement from the past 18 months, continued COVID-19 expenses and to reduce the need for increased bonding on capital projects.

“The impacts COVID-19 are still being felt, but we have successfully managed through economic trials and societal tribulations,” Picente added. “We know this county is on the right path forward. The proof is all around. This budget continues us down that path. It does it by being smart, efficient and fiscally conservative.”

The budget proposal also restores funding for libraries, humane societies, Cornell Cooperative Extension and Mohawk Valley EDGE.

The Board of Legislators must approved a budget by November 10.

You can watch Picente's budget address on the County Executives Facebook page.

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