It's quite a rare feat for a movie to score a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, but this one shot in Syracuse can boast exactly that!

The film joins some pretty elite company with that distinction, including classics like Seven Samurai and Toy Story. Granted, those movies earned that score based on hundreds of reviews compared to this one's 43, but still... 100% is nothing to sneeze at.


Paper Spiders began filming in the Syracuse area back in 2019. The story surrounds a a high school girl who's forced to support her mother as her paranoid delusions begin to consume her. One review described it as "a bittersweet story about coming of age in the shadow of mental illness."

Director Inon Shampanier, speaking to Anthem Magazine back in 2021, said:

Syracuse is a beautiful city that is so rich in character. We've received great support from film commissioner Eric Vinal, from the city and the community.

The entire filming of Paper Spiders took place in Central New York. Locations used included the Greater Syracuse Soundstage, the Red Mill Inn in Baldswinville, the B'ville Diner, Syracuse University campus, two bars in Armory Square, and a Thrifty Shopper.

Entertainment Squad via YouTube
Entertainment Squad via YouTube

While Syracuse has had its fair share of movies shot there without incident, at least one production was plagued with problems: The Hermit -- a horror movie that was to star bodybuilding legend Lou Ferrigno -- famously fell apart last year due to a plethora of financial and labor issues.

Paper Spiders is currently available to rent through Apple TV+.

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