We lucked out for the most part... It's cold, it's snowy, but we've dealt with a LOT worse. And we're also not getting buried in snowfall, like some places in our state.

Areas of western New York, and a little northwest of us here in Central New York may be measuring their snowfall in feet instead of inches! Places like Lowville, Watertown, Copenhagen, Mannsville, Lacona, and Barnes Corners look like they're going to get hit with some serious lake effect snow. According to the National Weather Service, Lowville and Watertown could see between three and four FEET of snow by Friday morning (February 1st).

And the area between Mannsville and Barnes Corners? According to a graphic from CNY Central, they could see 60 inches of snowfall or more! That's FIVE FEET OF SNOW! Incredible.

These places are under a Winter Storm Warning until 7am Friday morning.

Places on the western side of New York are looking at some lake effect snow, but as of right now, it doesn't look as bad. According to the National Weather Service, Buffalo and the surrounding area could see 10 to 19 inches of snowfall.

This lake effect snow is also effecting Erie, Pennsylvania, areas of Ohio and the western side of Michigan. Because we haven't had that cold of a winter (besides the last few days), the Great Lakes water is still a little warm, and that is what's fueling these areas of massive lake effect snow.

As for us in Central New York? It looks like it won't be so bad. Yes, we have to deal with some dangerously cold temperatures (and are under a Wind Chill Warning until Wednesday evening), and we will see some snow squalls that could make travel rough, we're not expecting much accumulation. You can get the latest forecast including storm watches and warnings, and more, at the link below:

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