You never know what you're going to find on the street, especially in New York City. One man came across what looks like an expensive apology. It also looks like it wasn't accepted.

Harry Hill stumbled across a $400 box of roses scattered everywhere. It contained a card with an apology.

Photo Credit - Harry Hill via Twitter
Photo Credit - Harry Hill via Twitter

There was also a copy of Alice In Chains, and an insurance card, all tossed on the rainy sidewalk.

Nothing says I'm sorry like an insurance card.

Harry's question, along with everyone else is - "What did he do?"

Many speculated on Twitter with one tweeting "WHO did he do?"

"That man cheated on her with her sister or best friend," tweeted Ariana. While another said "Money is no object. Probably the secretary arranged it."

Most just wanted to know if Harry kept the flowers.

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