Have you ever witnessed two sloths engaged in mortal combat? I certainly haven't. Who has that kind of time?

While the idea of a sloth-fighting ring is admittedly ludicrous, what is true is that a business in downstate New York is currently under investigation for possible mistreatment of sloths.

Sloth Encounters via Facebook
Sloth Encounters via Facebook

Sloth Encounters, located in Hauppauge, New York, has been accused of animal abuse by the Humane Society after an investigator uncovered disturbing footage of sloths fighting in crowded conditions, as well as the heinous act of one of their staff members striking a sloth. Other footage revealed the owner grabbing a sloth's head and neck, according to reports.

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Sloth Encounters charges people $50 to pet, feed and hold sloths, which the Humane Society says is not a good idea. According to a news release:

Sloths should never be used in public interactions. They are quiet, reclusive animals and being handled by -- or even close to -- people can cause a sloth's blood pressure to rise. Sloths are nocturnal animals whose natural sleep cycle is disrupted by public handling. While sloths may appear compliant while being petted, they respond to fear by holding still and may actually be terrified.

Sloth Encounters via Facebook
Sloth Encounters via Facebook

Sloth Encounters' owner Larry Wallach denied wrongdoing, claiming that his sloths have plenty of room in their enclosures, but did confirm that two male sloths in his possession recently fought each other.

The disturbing report has led to multiple people calling for the business to shut down.

The Humane Society has uploaded a video of their disturbing findings, which you can view below (VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED):


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