The "textalyzer" law would allow authorities to ask for your license, registration, and cell phone during specific traffic stops or an accident.

While most states, including New York, ban texting and driving, current distracted driving laws are very hard to enforce without the textalyzer.

The  "textalyzer" law would be used on a driver if they were in an accident. Police would legally be able to use the device to pull information from your phone to see if you were using it at the time of the accident.

The main problem New York state lawmakers are encountering is public safety vs privacy. WHEC reports "if the textalyzer is signed into law police would not be able to access your texts, pictures, or contacts, but critics, including the American Civil Liberties Union, argue officers shouldn't be able to use the "textalyzer" without a warrant."

Do you think there should be a textalyzer law?

[Information from News 10 WHEC]

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