If you want to live to see your 90's, drinking beer may help.

According to the Irish Sun, a new study says that men are 81% more likely to reach the age of 90 if they drink a half pint of beer a day. For women, the amount only increases their chances by a third.

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According to the report, the NHS recommended maximum intake of alcohol was three “nips” (I have no clue how many ounces are in a nip) of whiskey, or two pints of beer a day, even people who enjoyed the recommended maximum intake of alcohol a day were two-thirds more likely to reach 90, as compared to people that did not drink.

For years there have been surveys that said red wine, in moderation, helped with longevity. Now, it looks like alcohol itself, helps you live a longer life.

That doesn't mean to over do it, and the article states that this research should not be used as an excuse to start drinking. The report is also quick to point out that if you drink even a pint a week, you could increase your risk of cancer, not to mention the other effects drinking has on your body including damage to your pancreas and liver.



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