Officials postponed last weekend's St. Patrick's Day parade in Utica in light of coronavirus concerns. But one local neighborhood held its own miniature version of the parade that marched right down its street.

Deborah Burke shared this video from Saturday, as her whole neighborhood came alive with kids, fire trucks and lots of green. Burke said she had family visiting from Vermont for the parade in Utica, but when it was postponed, the kids were disappointed. They decided to throw together their own parade, and when the Deerfield Fire Department caught wind of the celebration, they volunteered to bring firefighters and firetrucks.

"[T]he kids were thrilled beyond belief and so excited to lead the parade," Burke told us in a Facebook message.

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The neighborhood kids made floats from little red wagons and put stuffed animals in them to come along for the ride. Small groups lined the streets to cheer on the parade.

You can rewatch this adorable show of neighborhood pride here.

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